How much wealth will you create and how much will you get to keep? Check this out and learn to keep more!

Based on your income, what bracket are you in? You might be surprised! Then maybe you should consider different strategies for the wealthy not the bottom 80%.

Are you really saving taxes by putting money in your retirement accounts? Come check out the truth!

How to become a wealth creator, rather than just a debtor or saver. Why not save and create a pool of money that keeps growing over your lifetime, but still gives you the ability to use it over and over again? You cannot do that by borrowing other people's money or by paying cash for things. Watch and see.

Time is your friend or your foe depending on how long you wait to get started saving. This video will show some samples of starting early, starting later, bigger and smaller amounts saved to show you the impacts of time and why you should not wait to start and saving more is always better. Check it out!

Protection is super important, but are you paying too much? Check out how to maximize your coverage yet keep your costs minimized.

Stop using a Budget! It is Scarcity thinking. We use a Cash Flow Awareness tool, so you are using Abundance thinking. Check it out and let us help if would like to optimize your cash flow.

Is there such a thing a good debt? We think so! Paying off your debt as fast as possible may not be the best strategy for you. Watch our tool to evaluate your debt from a Cash Flow Efficient perspective and then let us help you free up more cash flow for you ASAP.

How much money should you keep on hand and where should you store it? Watch this quick video to see our recommendations. You might be surprised at Step 5!

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