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Hey there, fellow money mavens! It’s time to break free from the typical money strategies that are keeping you average and letting your hard-earned cash slip away. Being average with your money is a losing game, costing you thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars! Take back control of your money and reclaim the freedom to seize personal and professional opportunities.

Now, let’s get real here. We get it. We’ve all been influenced by the BIG 3 – The Banks, The Government, and The Financial Institutions. They’ve set up programs and strategies that benefit themselves at the expense of your money. Sound familiar?

But fear not! At 10X Prosperity, we’re here to shake things up and change the financial status quo for our amazing clients. We’ve been in your shoes, following the typical advice that left us dealing with market fluctuations, taxes, penalties, and limited access to our own money. That’s why we made it our mission to help others. We’re all about sharing a different and better way with our extended family of clients.

It starts with our game-changing 10X Prosperity Financial Freedom Formula. We’ll dive into specialized financial and insurance concepts that will rock your world. Get ready to grasp the importance of:

  • Achieving Financial Freedom in 5-15 years.
  • Maximizing Tax Efficiency for cash flow right now.
  • Protecting your precious family.
  • Creating legacies that span multiple generations.
  • Engaging in charitable giving that makes a difference.
  • Keeping your family united and growing together.

Now, listen up. If you want to keep playing the average game and following the crowd down an uncertain path, hey, that’s your call. But if you’re craving a real difference, a chance to turn the tables on the Big 3 and put the odds in your favor, it’s time to join us at 10X Prosperity. Gain more certainty and control with our 10X Prosperity Financial Freedom Formula. Don’t wait – book a meeting with us today and let’s make magic happen!


Up close and personal

Kurt Berry and Jennifer Kleckner have collaborated to establish an innovative initiative known as 10X Prosperity. Together with their outstanding and professional team, they bring an impressive accumulation of over 50 years in investment and insurance experience.

Their primary focus lies in creating personal financial strategies that center around education and the simplification of financial complexities. The 10X team is known for offering clear and comprehensible insights into financial planning and management, focused on increasing cash flow immediately.

What distinguishes their approach is the absence of product sales quotas, allowing them to prioritize the genuine needs and goals of their client families. This client-centered philosophy has proven to be effective, as evidenced by their success in assisting over 500 families to date.

With operational offices in Tennessee and Wisconsin, and a clientele that currently spans 16 states. 10X Prosperity is on a trajectory to expand its impact, bringing its unique blend of financial expertise and educational commitment to an ever-growing audience.

Kurt Berry

Kurt Berry, originally from Illinois, has experienced a dynamic journey, moving first to Indiana, then returning to Illinois, and ultimately settling in Tennessee with his family in 2019. Throughout these transitions, Kurt has been accompanied by his supportive wife and their two children, grounding his personal and professional life in a sense of family and community.

Kurt’s professional path in financial education began over twenty years ago, in 2002, with his start at Edward Jones. Today, he founded Stillwater Financial, LLC, a firm in Tennessee with clients in 15 other states. With a rich background in various sectors of the financial and insurance industries, Kurt possesses a unique ability to devise tailor-made financial strategies that cater to the individual needs of his clients.

As a principal with 10X Prosperity, Kurt’s contributions to the 10X community are notable. Kurt is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of financial planning through engaging narratives, conceptual explanations, and illustrative visuals. This approach is fueled by his personal experiences with the financial industry’s challenges and the often-confusing advice disseminated by experts across various media. Kurt’s vision is to enable his clients to navigate their financial journeys with confidence, aiming for a life enriched with joy, financial control, and freedom.

Kurt’s academic credentials further enhance his expertise. He earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology in 1993, followed by a commendable achievement at Indiana Wesleyan University, where he graduated with honors in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This educational foundation not only underscores Kurt’s analytical skills but also his commitment to excellence in his field.

Kurt Berry is committed to transforming the perception of finance into a positive and empowering experience, guiding clients towards achieving their financial goals with confidence and clarity.

Jennifer Kleckner

Jennifer Kleckner is a principal with 10X Prosperity and joins the 10X community, with a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set as both an educator and a financial strategist.

Her journey into the financial industry was sparked by her own interactions (and frustrations) with financial advisors. Owning a variety of rental properties and different investments, she became frustrated with the usual approach of financial advisors, who were more focused on hitting their sales quotas and sticking to their company’s products instead of offering a real financial strategy (and yes, there’s a huge difference).

This early disappointment became the focus for her career, propelling her to take a different approach. She imagined simplifying financial concepts for her clients and helping them see how their debt, insurance, and other financial decisions should come together as a strategy. This personal picture for the client provides options and confidence when making decisions and controlling their financial path.

Her 28 years of experience across insurance, finance, and facilitation, Jennifer has built a robust foundation of knowledge and skills. Her background and experience showcases her dedication to making financial education both engaging and accessible. 

Jennifer is committed to enhancing your financial literacy, adding a touch of humor and energy to the learning experience, and providing you with the necessary tools to confidently and independently navigate your financial future.

Chey O'Brien

Hello, I’m Chey O’Brien, a proud Navy veteran whose journey after military service took an unexpected turn into the world of finance. Over the past 6 years, I’ve immersed myself in this field, discovering a passion I never thought I’d find. Leaving the military opened up new opportunities for me, and I’ve dedicated myself to helping people understand the complexities of money. 

My unique background and experiences in the Navy have shaped my approach, emphasizing discipline, integrity, and a commitment to serving others. Join me on this financial journey as I strive to make complex financial concepts accessible and empower individuals to achieve their monetary goals.

Jason Hinchey

Jason’s journey into the world of sales began during his tenure at the prestigious Georgia Tech, where he earned a BS in Business Management in 2003.  This marked the inception of what would become a distinguished career in sales, stretching nearly 25 years. Throughout these years Jason has consistently demonstrated unparalleled guidance and support to his clients. His expertise is not confined to a single domain: holding licenses to provide services across life, health, property, and casualty insurance sales.

Jason continues to enhance his professional repertoire by studying for his Series 65 license which will offer comprehensive financial advice to his clients. His ongoing pursuit of knowledge and dedication to client success underscores his expansive career and commitment to excellence.

Michelle Power

Michelle is a versatile professional with a unique background. Originally hailing from the Appalachian region, she embarked on a journey that led her to acquire a special set of skills.

Following her studies in theater in Knoxville, Michelle ventured to Hollywood with aspirations in the entertainment industry. However, she found her niche working for a leading Talent Agency in the Motion Picture Department.

A true jack of all trades, Michelle excels in various roles and takes pride in her ability to produce results in diverse settings. Whether it’s ensuring client satisfaction, supporting colleagues, or assisting friends, she thrives on problem-solving and executing plans effectively.

Along with her southern charm and a knack for administration, Michelle is known for her organizational prowess and adeptness in managing tasks efficiently.

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